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    Carley's: Organic foods made in Cornwall.

    Carley’s of Cornwall Ltd is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of fantastic pure organic nut and Seed Butters, raw organic Chocolate spreads and delicious relishes. Since they were first established in the early 1970's. Carley’s have always been advocates of the benefits of organic foods. Everything they make in their dedicated eco-factory is 100% organic and always will be.

    Why nuts & seeds?

    Carley's believe that Nuts & Seeds can form the basis of a healthy and delicious diet. Almonds, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Pecan Nuts, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Linseeds, Hemp Seeds and Peanuts all contain a host of nutrients and healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats. These fats are essential to health by managing inflammation and maintaining the normal structure of every cell in the Body. Saturated and trans fats, found in meats, full-fat dairy, fried and processed foods can be damaging to our bodies by triggering inflammation. Research shows that diets too high in these unhealthy fats can lead to a host of diseases. Choosing healthy fats instead can lower Cholesterol and decrease inflammation.

    Where do Carley's get their ingredients from?

    Most of Carley's delicious sweet almonds are grown in Sicily, while some are are sourced from Spain. Their sweet and creamy walnuts are grown in either Moldova or Poland, and their hazels and apricot kernels are grown in Turkey. Carley's Cashew Nuts are sourced from Sri Lanka or Vietnam, their Brazil's from Bolivia, and their hemp seeds from Romania.

    Is Carley's gluten free?

    Yes. Carley's make pure, clean unadulterated organic products that contain no gluten, no emulsifiers, no palm oil, no Sugar, and no Salt. In fact nearly all Carley's products contain nothing but nuts!

    Why choose organic foods, like Carley's?

    Organic Food and farming is better for us, better for bio diversity, better for the planet and better for the future. So by choosing organic foods like Carley's you are choosing to 'be part of the solution, not part of the problem'Carley's organic seed spreads & Nut Butters are incredibly delicious & nutritious powerhouses of Vitamins, Minerals and Other Nutrients. Best of all they are full of flavour!

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