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    Gluten Free Canned Food

    Gluten Free Canned Foods offer a convenient and wholesome selection of Gluten Free foods in a can that are ideal for those with special dietary requirements. From Soups to Curry, Baked Beans to Spaghetti, the Natures Healthbox canned Food range offers shelf stable foods that can be used as a starter, main course or as part of a main meal.

    Are canned foods gluten free?

    Yes, well ours are! While some canned fruits & vegetables are canned with sauce or juices that contain gluten, you can rest assured that our entire selection (below) are only canned with natural juices or water, which are all gluten free.

    Do canned potatoes have gluten?

    No! Potatoes aren't grains, like wheat, rye or barley, but rather a type of starchy vegetable that is gluten free.

    Are canned carrots gluten free?

    Again, while some canned carrots may not be gluten free, all of ours are.

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