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    What do you mean by coffee?

    Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans/seeds that come from the Coffea plant, which is native to Ethiopia. For many individuals, choosing the best coffee is so much more than just a way to wake them up in the morning, it's a preference that borderlines on loyalty. But if you're new to the wonderful world of coffee and not sure which one to choose, you simply need to aim for the best. The Natures Healthbox range of standard, filtered, organic, de-caffeinated, and ground & dark roast coffee's have all been sourced from single farms, estates and cooperatives. This delicious range of coffee's have a fully traceable history, and a fresh, high quality taste!

    Why do people drink coffee?

    We understand that coffee is more than just a drink that gets us going in the morning. For many, coffee is part of today's modern day culture where-by coffee shops offer a trendy space for social interactions to take place, bringing the public & business lives of many together in one unique location. And as coffee contains caffeine, this popular Hot Beverage is thought to jump-start the Body, improving productivity, reaction times, and Low Mood.

    Can I drink coffee everyday?

    Like with most Food and drinks, as long as you don't consume excessive amounts of coffee you should be fine. In fact, an American study suggests drinking up to 4 eight-ounce cups of coffee everyday is safe for humans.

    When should you not drink coffee?

    To avoid a negative impact upon your Sleep patterns, many experts believe you should avoid caffeine-rich coffee at least 6-7 hours before your go to bed.

    Is coffee with milk healthy?

    Milk is an excellent source of Calcium, which may reduce the risk of bone fractures or Osteoporosis, so from that standpoint you would say that milk is a healthy addition to your regular cup of coffee. For vegans & vegetarians however, a Dairy Free Milk alternative may be considered.

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