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Chocolate is a Food product often consumed in moderation as a treat or in the form of a gift to loved ones on special occaisons. In our view, consuming something that you enjoy and makes you feel happy has to be a good thing but just follow the golden rule “everything in moderation”, and remember to choose the best quality product. 

Is chocolate good for your body?

There's no denying that dark chocolate has a rich antioxidant profile, which may contribute to improved Heart Health by reducing the levels of Blood Pressure and Cholesterol.

Is there any chocolate that is dairy-free?

Yes! Here at Natures Healthbox we have a variety of Dairy Free chocolates, which taste every bit as good as the real thing!

What is bad about chocolate?

Most regular bars of chocolate are often pulled up for their high contents of fat & Sugar, which if consumed excessively could contribute to obesity, particularly in children for which they tend to be marketed to. It's important to consume chocolate in moderation and seek better made bars with no added sugar, a higher cocoa content, and natural ingredients that will at least have some health benefits.

Does chocolate make you fall in love?

No but it certainly gives many of us a natural "high" that is similar to the feeling of love. This is because chocolate contains the chemical phenylethylamine, which is also released in the brain when a person falls in love.

Is chocolate a romantic gift?

Chocolate tends to feature as part of a romantic gift on Valentines Day, a gesture which dates back to the Ancient Aztec days where the Aztecs considered it to be a 'gift from the gods' with energizing and aphrodisiac properties. These days, chocolate is often given in a well presented box with an assortment of different flavours. With this in mind we recommend Booja Booja for that special someone in your life.