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    Heart Health

    Natures Healthbox have some of the finest natural & organic alternative remedies that encourage a healthy heart for many years to come. Heart health is important to us all, particularly as we get older. Or though an older heart can pump blood just as well as a younger one, it is the increased rate of a heart disease that is a cause for concern. However there are things you can do now to maintain your heart health and lower the risk of potential heart complications in your later life.

    How can you improve your heart health?

    Maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking, and regularly taking part in physical activity, are just a few a small changes an individual can make to help maintain a healthy heart. There are also a vast selection of healthy heart promoting supplements, liquids and juices available that can be taken alongside a healthy and balanced diet.

    What are the signs of an unhealthy heart?

    An irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath and Fatigue, or aching in the chest and shoulders are signs of an unhealthy heart. If you have any concerns about your own heart health it is important to speak with your GP before considering any treatments or remedies.

    What is the best vitamin for heart health?

    When taken in appropriate doses, some Vitamins may help to improve health health. These include;

    What foods are good for the heart?

    Green leafy green vegetables, like kale & spinach, along with Walnuts, dark Chocolate, whole grains, berries and Fish Oil are all heart healthy Food sources.

    Which is the best exercise for heart?

    Heart-pumping aerobic exercise for at least thirty minutes a day, five days a week is what doctors suggest as the best form of exercise for your heat. Activities may include jogging, swimming, brisk walking, skipping, cycling and tennis.

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