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    49 products

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    Natures Healthbox offer an extensive selection of protein powders from top brands, which include LambertsCreative Nature, Pulsin, Profusion, Sunwarrior and Amazing Grass.

    Who is protein powder good for?

    Protein powders are ideal for those individuals with physically demanding lifestyles or those involved in Sport. With the right sort of calorie reduced diet and weight resistance training regime, protein powders can help to increase and enhance lean muscle, as well as boost metabolism.

    How many types of protein are there?

    Regardless of whether you’re an elite athlete or just an everyday person with a relatively active lifestyle, there are are 6 popular types of protein powders available on the market. These include:

    1. Whey Protein - the most commonly used protein powder because it's a water-soluble milk protein that is easily absorbed by the Body.
    2. Casein Protein - the slowest of the protein powders to digest but the richest in the essential amino acid, glutamine.
    3. Pea Protein - the perfect protein powder for those on a vegan diet the richest source of arginine, which the body needs to build muscle.
    4. Soy Protein - another protein powder suitable for vegans that contains all of the Essential Amino Acids.
    5. Hemp Protein - the perfect protein powder option for those who suffer lactose intolerance, which is packed with essential fatty acids, Vitamins & Minerals.
    6. Egg Protein - a dairy free protein powder full of lysine that has a medium speed digestion rate.

    How do you use protein powder?

    Protein powders are usually used as an ingredient in a healthy shake or smoothie mix, as a convenient way to take in calories and vital macronutrients.

    What is the main concern with protein powders?

    It should be noted that excessive consumption of protein powders may cause long-term complications, such as kidney disease, so it is always important to seek the consultation of a health practitioner, fitness expert or medical professional before considering regular protein powder supplementation.

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