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    MCT Oil: A natural fuel your Body & Brain.

    At Natures Healthbox we have an extensive selection of MCT Oil's (below), made without chemicals, filler oils or additives, from some of the best loved natural brands.

    What is an MCT?

    MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride. A medium chain triglyceride contains three medium chain fatty acids that can often be found in many of the foods we regularly consume.

    Where does MCT Oil come from?

    While you can source MCT Oil from palm oil, it is most commonly extracted from Coconut Oil. In fact, more than fifty perecent of the fat in Coconut oil comes from MCTs, however MCT oil is better metabolised by the Body than standard coconut oil, because it does not contain lauric acid and long chain fatty acids.

    What does MCT Oil taste like?

    MCT oil has no taste or smell, making it a versatile additive for your favourite foods & drinks.

    How can I take MCT Oil?

    An MCT Oil supplement can be taken straight from the spoon but most people tend to add it to their smoothies, salad Dressings or morning cup of Coffee.

    What are the health benefits of an MCT Oil food supplement?

    MCT Oil is full of healthy fats that are thought to improve physical performance, mental performance, Digestion & Gut Health, and Heart Health. It may also help you lose weight too, because it is quickly burned and metabolized.

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