Fungal Infection

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    Fungal Infection

    Natures Healthbox have a range of high-quality, fungal infection treatments made with the finest natural & organic ingredients. They work quickly at the site of infection, offering effective relief from uncomfortable itching and soreness.

    What causes a fungal infection?

    Fungal Infections are an attack of one or more breeds of fungus on the tissues of the Body. Some of the most typical types of fungal infections include jock itch, an infection of the Nails, ringworm, Athlete's Foot, and the yeast infection, Candidiasis. The causes of fungal infections vary but can be commonly attributed to a lack of personal hygiene, a weakened Immune System, tightly-fitted clothing, diabetes or a course of antibiotics - where by some of the 'good bacteria' in the body gets killed and causes an imbalance in vital microoganisms.

    How long do fungal infections last?

    Symptoms such as itching or soreness, should improve within a few days of treatment but fungal infections that include red and scaly skin symptoms tend to take longer.

    What kills a fungal infection?

    Some herbalists and nutritionists suggest that drinking diluted Apple Cider Vinegar could help to kill off fungal infections.

    How can I treat fungal skin infection naturally?

    Garlic, Aloe Vera, Turmeric, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree oil and Probiotics (which have an ample amount of good bacteria) are all thought to help stave off fungal infections.

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