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    Herbal Remedies UK

    Natures Healthbox is your number one natural health remedies website that offers a wide range of herbal remedies. So whether its A.Vogel or Australian BushflowerWeleda or Bach, you can rest assured that our remedies have been tried and tested by some of the worlds best health experts, nutritionists, and other medical practitioners.

    What are home remedies?

    Home & herbal remedies are healing medicines that cure and/or relieve a disease or bodily disorder. From Homoeopathy to Herbal Tinctures, these natural remedies offer an alternative solution to over-the-counter (OTC) medicines to ward off pain and ease the symptoms of various healthy and dietary related complications.

    What are examples of natural remedies?

    Natural Remedies are made from the most healing Herbs & Spices. In our selection below you'll find remedies to help you get a good night's Sleep, or those which may improve your Mood or offer vital Immune Support.

    What is the best natural remedy for anxiety?

    Other than regular exercise or meditation, you may wish to consider a product from our vast selection of Aromatherapy remedies to combat your symptoms of Anxiety.

    Which tissue salt is for anxiety?

    A Kali Phos tissue salt product, such as Schuessler Kali Phos No.6 Tissue Salts 125 Tablets, New Era No.6 Kali. Phos For Your Nerves 240 Tablets or Weleda Kali Phos 30C 125 Tablets, may benefit those suffering with anxiety symptoms.

    Do home remedies really work?

    History tells us that people have used natural remedies for centuries to fight common ailments and there's certainly no doubting the effectiveness of some home remedies, like Probiotics (the friendly bacteria) for Digestion & Gut Health or Turmeric for inflammation. However, because many home and/or herbal remedies are made from plants, organisations like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classify them as food, which are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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