Sweating & Perspiration

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    Sweating & Perspiration 

    Natures Healthbox offer a selection of natural products, including paraben & alcohol-free Deodorants, which may help to minimize sweat and make you feel more comfortable throughout the day.

    Is sweat the same as perspiration?

    Yes! Sweating, or perspiration (diaphoresis), is the body's way or releasing salt-based fluids from the sweat glands in the Skin to regulate Body temperature. Sweating is usually caused by elevated temperatures, emotional Stress, Anxiety or embarrassment. Sweating can sometimes be caused by the foods we eat too, such as spicy foods (this is known as gustatory sweating). In many cases, sweating can contribute to body odour, when it is metabolized by the beneficial bacteria on the skin.

    What does sudden sweating mean?

    Sudden sweating is often defined as a hyperhidrosis disorder, which may occur in unusual situations without any trigger at all, or by medical conditions, such as the Menopause.

    What foods can cause excessive sweating?

    Foods that may cause excessive sweating include those that are fatty and over processed (like fast foods or chocolate) or are extremely hot & spicy.

    How can I cool myself down naturally?

    You may wish to consider making a full simple lifestyle adjustments, such as wearing light clothes that allow your body to breath or consuming plenty of Drinks to replace the fluids & electrolytes lost through sweating. Opening windows on particularly hot days will also ensure a constant breeze of fresh, cooling air.

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