Low Mood & Esteem

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    Low Mood & Esteem

    It is only inevitable that during periods of our long lives, we will experience ‘ups and downs’ that may affect our overall feelings of Mood and wellbeing. In today’s modern lifestyle, our busy and often chaotic daily routines can cause periods of Stress, which can lead to anxiousness.

    How do you know you have low self esteem?

    You may have low self esteem if you find yourself being constantly self-critical or focusing on the negatives around your daily life. If you are unable to accept compliments, feel ashamed, anxious or angry, you may also have low self esteem.

    How can I lift my mood?

    In most cases, we human beings recover quite quickly from a change in negative mood swings (without the need for treatment) as our circumstances begin to turnaround for the better. When such a stressful occasion is of a more severe nature and shows no sign of change then our mood may be seriously affected, and could lead to symptoms of Depression.

    What is the real cause of depression?

    Many things can cause depression such as your personality, family history, a particularly stressful event, or if you're a pregnant woman, giving birth. Should you feel that you are experiencing the symptoms of depression it is important to consult a medical practitioner immediately.

    How do you fix low self esteem?

    At Natures Healthbox we have a wide variety of natural remedies to help you manage your low mood & self esteem naturally. 

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