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    Natures Healthbox offer an extensive selection of the finest natural and organic osteoporosis remedies.

    What is osteoporosis?

    Osteoporosis describes a medical condition in which a loss of tissue causes bones to become fragile and brittle. It is understood that around three million people in the UK and ten million in the US have osteoporosis.

    What is the main cause of osteoporosis?

    Common causes of osteoporois can be attributed to age, hormonal changes or a Calcium deficiency, where by the amount of bone in the bone (bone density) declines and risks of fracture are significantly increased. After the Body reaches its fracture theshold, bones may no longer be able to withstand minor Stress, such as a bump or fall. If diagnosed early, a weekly weight bearing exercise regime, alongside supplementation with adequate bone-building nutrients, such as calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D, may prove beneficial.

    How should you sleep with osteoporosis?

    Before a sufferer of osteoporosis goes to Sleep, they should look to support their head, back and knees with a base of pillows and rolled towels.

    Which fruit is best for bones?

    Bone boosting fruits include tomatoes, raisins, oranges, bananas, prunes, papaya, strawberries, grapefruits and pineapples, which all have high traces of either Potassium or Vitamin C respectively.

    Is osteoporosis curable?

    While there is no cure for osteoporosis, appropriate treatments can help protect and strengthen your Bones by encouraging the growth or new bone or reducing the the speed of the breakdown of bones.

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