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    Natures Healthbox offer an extensive selection of natural remedies that may help to relieve the uncomfortable and painful symptoms of constipation. Many of these products include ingredients that help your bowels and digestive system to function efficiently, helping your Body to return to a normal 'routine' within a day or two.

    What causes constipation?

    For many of us the symptoms of constipation can be attributed to our busy, modern lifestyles. A lack of water and fibre within the diet or not taking part in regular physical activity is often to blame.

    How do you feel if your constipated?

    Constipation is a common condition that can affect individuals of all ages, whereby a person is unable pass stools regularly or completely empty their bowels. Constipation can occur in babies, children and adults, however it is more common in elderly adults and pregnant women.

    What foods cause constipation?

    Fried or fast foods, red meat, milk & dairy products, and gluten-containing foods, such as grains like kamut, spelt, wheat, barley, and rye are all thought to contribute to constipation.

    How long does constipation last?

    In the majority of cases a person may only experience constipation for a short time but for others it may prove a chronic condition that causes disruptions to their everyday lives. Persistent, long-term constipation may also indicate further health concerns, such as IBS, diabetes, Depression or an under-active thyroid gland.

    What is a natural laxative?

    Fibre rich prunes are one of the most well-known natural laxatives available.

    What helps constipation naturally?

    Adding more fibre to your diet may help to relieve the symptoms of constipation, along with Probiotics such as yoghurt, Kombucha, miso, sauerkraut and sourdough Bread. Drinking more Mineral Water and caffeinated Coffee should also prove beneficial.

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