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    Vitamin Sprays

    Vitamin supplements are some of the top selling dietary supplements in the world, consumed by a third of people in the UK, however the consumption method has largely remained the same since the 1940’s. This was until the last decade, where plenty more delivery formats begun to reach the shelves, including Vitamin Sprays.

    What Are Vitamin Sprays?

    They’re a highly efficient delivery format to get vitamins into the bloodstream via an oral spray, as they manage to skip the digestive system, where they are notoriously broken down when consumed as a tablet.

    How Often Should I Use Vitamin Sprays?

    While all different products and brands will have their own guidelines, most vitamin supplements recommend consumption once per day. If you do miss a day, don’t worry too much, just carry on at the same time the next day, don’t double dose.

    How Should I Store The Vitamin Sprays?

    The sprays just need to be kept at room temperature, so don’t put them in the fridge. They need to be kept in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Obviously you should also try to keep it away from extreme temperatures.

    Can I Take Multiple Sprays At Once?

    Yes you certainly can, but we strongly recommend looking at the directions and the ingredients. For example, you can separately take a Vitamin C and a Vitamin D spray, however if they both had an additional high dosage of Vitamin A included, then you could be consuming too much of that Vitamin. Just the same, multivitamins can include a wide variety of all the different nutrients, therefore you might not want to overconsume those levels.

    How Can I Boost The Absorption Levels?

    There are a number of ways in which you can enhance absorption levels, such as reducing stress levels, consuming less alcohol and cigarettes, supplementing with a probiotic and if you’re supplementing with Vitamin C then you could combine with iron.

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