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Food: Natural & Organic.

At Natures Healthbox we offer a wide variety of natural and organic foods, which include an extensive selection of raw Superfoods, Soups, healthy Snacks & whole foods, Honey, and Coconut products.

Why should I go for natural & organic foods?

Regardless of your diet, natural & organic foods are the smart choice. Let us not forget that until the 1950's all the food we consumed was produced organically, and it is only now, in today's modern and fast-paced world, that natural & organic foods are considered by some as 'new' or 'modish'. By choosing to eat natural and organic foods, you are making an effectual choice for both personal and planetary health.

Unlike many of the upstart, factory-farmed, agrochemical foods that fill our shop shelves today, natural & organic foods are free of harmful chemicals, and bursting with more nutrition and sustainable sustenance. Recent studies from many independent organisations have shown that organic produce is higher in Antioxidants, Vitamin C, and the Minerals Iron, Chromium, Calcium, and Magnesium.

Aren't natural & organic foods expensive?

Considering that there are so many hidden costs involved with buying conventional foods, there is a clear argument for the pricing of natural & organic foods. These types of foods really aren't that expensive when compared to significantly lower costing foods, which could indicate that the farm workers who helped to make them did not receive a fair wage. By choosing such natural & organic food brands, like Doves Farm, Bounce, Biona and Meridian (to name but a few), you are supporting small farming communities and encouraging farming methods that produce less toxic byproducts.

So the excuse that natural & organic foods are “too costly” seems to carry little weight. After all, should your conscience really be that occupied by the comparisons of organic and non-organic food expenses when it comes to your health?