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    With the Natures Healthbox range of halitosis products, you need not live with the embarrassing effects of bad breath. From Tea Tree to PeppermintSage to clove, our carefully selected range of bad breath treatments are only sourced from natural & organic ingredients.

    What is halitosis?

    Halitosis (or bad breath as it is commonly known as) is an oral mouth condition that lingers far longer than 'morning breath', and may suggest a more serious underlying health condition.

    What is halitosis caused by?

    Halitosis is often brought on by poor oral hygiene. Malnutrition, a dry mouth, intestinal disorders and a Cold or Sore Throat are also known to circulate unpleasant odours around the mouth. 

    What is the best home remedy for halitosis?

    Salt water rinse  or alcohol-free mouthwash, Cloves or tea tree oil are all natural ways to freshen your breath instantly.

    Does apple cider vinegar kill bad breath?

    Yes! As Apple Cider Vinegar is known for balancing the pH levels in the mouth, it can be safe to assure that when mixed in a glass of water, it will work as a natural remedy for bad breath.

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