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Nuts & Seeds

Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and Seeds

Not all seeds are nuts but most nuts are seeds, confused? Nuts are defined as the hard-shelled 'fruit' of certain plants, while seeds are a small edible piece of a plant, incased in a seed-like coating. Our selection of nuts & seeds (below) not only taste great but they can also form a part of a balanced diet essential for good health. They are a great option as a healthy snack because they are low in saturated fats and refined Sugar, compared to many other foodstuffs.

Is it OK to eat nuts and seeds everyday?

Many years ago it would of been inconceivable to incorporate nuts into a healthy eating programme, as they were often publicised for being high in calories & fat. These days however, certain medical research suggests that a daily consumption of nuts & seeds may improve Heart Health and reduce the risk of diabetes.

Which seeds and nuts are healthiest?

Hemp Seeds, Flaxseed, Chia Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds tend to be the most popular choice of seeds to support a healthy diet, while Almonds, Peanuts, Cashew Nuts, Brazil Nuts and Macadamia Nuts are among the best choices for nut lovers.