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    CBD Tea

    If you’re a fan of warm drinks then this can be a great healthy option and an interesting alternative to taking CBD oil sublingually. There are plenty of different flavours and options, from your traditional English Breakfast to herbal options and peppermint tea, meaning you can find the cuppa that you will enjoy the most. All of these products are packed with a decent amount of CBD, however you might want to have a read of our instructions on how much is in each cup, to ensure you get the right amount and drink the right amount of cups in a day. 

    How Much CBD Is In Each Cup?

    Each brand and product will vary slightly, but most options contain 3-5mg of CBD in a cup. You then need to work out how many you can have in a day based on how much CBD you’re aiming for. In general, we don’t recommend going over 100mg in a day, but that would be quite difficult at 3mg portions!

    How Long Do You Brew CBD Tea For?

    When you brew green tea, they always say you should leave the tea bag in for longer, as this will increase the quantity of antioxidants present in your mug, making it a healthier drink. We see this as the same for CBD tea, therefore while many of the instructions will say around 5 minutes, you might find leaving it in a bit longer will mean you are consuming greater quantities of CBD and you’re getting your money’s worth.

    What Are The Benefits Of Having CBD In The Form Of A Tea?

    People quite often hate the taste of CBD oil, therefore this can be a much tastier option. As there are various flavours and types available, such as raspberries or peppermint, you can find the right flavour for you. We also tend to consume a large amount of hot drinks in a day on average, meaning you most likely won’t forget and they won’t change your daily pattern.

    Does CBD Tea Contain Caffeine?

    Some do, some don’t, it is important to read the nutritional breakdown before consuming, as this will affect the time of day you should be drinking it. Some are made with plenty of caffeine, making them a great option in the morning to wake you up, while others are packed with other ingredients known to help you sleep better at night, such as chamomile, making them a soothing drink before going to bed.

    Should I consume anything alongside my CBD tea?

    CBD is better absorbed and offers greater bioavailability when taken with a fat, hence why many of the oils contain a carrier oil. For this reason, you might want to take it just after eating a meal. However, for one great trick, we recommend adding a little MCT oil, which is by far the best carrier oil for CBD.

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