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    Gluten Free Chocolate UK

    Following a gluten restricted diet doesn't mean you can't enjoy some of the finest sweets, Chocolate and mints available. Gluten Free Sweets & Chocolate are ideal for those with celiac disease or indeed those looking for a more healthier alternative to regular sweets, which are free from a number of common allergens. In fact, our selection below features some of the most delicious Dairy Free, Gluten Free and gelatin free treats around, which are ideal for those with special dietary requirements who wish to indulge their sweet tooth every once in a while. 

    From Gluten Free White Marshmallows to Raw Organic Chocolate and Vegetarian Friendly Cola Bottles, Natures Healthbox have a tasty sweet treat for everyone!

    Which UK sweets are gluten free?

    All sweets listed within this category are suitable for those on a gluten free diet.

    Which chocolates are gluten free?

    All of the chocolates listed below are gluten free, so whether its a perfect Pana Chocolate, marvellous Moo Free or the best of Booja Booja that you're after, you can safely fill your boots!

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