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    Natures Healthbox have an extensive selection of the finest natural & organic nausea remedies, from Supplements and Mouth Sprays to balms and Herbal Tea. Some individuals may find that over-the-counter (OTC) medicines don't work that well, and in some cases, only work to increase their overall level of sickness. With this in mind an natural solution (like those below) may prove a suitable alternative.

    What is nausea a sign of?

    Nausea is an acute sensation of wanting to vomit. This can be both a short-lived or prolonged uncomfortable experience, with feelings tending to occur in the back of the throat, the chest, or upper abdomen.

    Why do I feel nauseous all day?

    An individual may feel nauseous all day, or for a period of a few days, weeks, or months, because of a poor diet, lack of Sleep, Stress or Anxiety.

    Is Nausea a sign of anxiety?

    It might be! While anxiety is a response to stress, it does cause a variety of psychological and physical symptoms, with one of them being nausea.

    How do you make nausea go away?

    Ginger is an extremely popular choice for the treatement of nausea because it encourages the secretion of digestive enzymes that help subdue stomach acid. Peppermint is thought to relax the stomach muscles too, allowing bile to break down Food quickly so it can pass through the stomach quickly. Alternatively, you may wish to consider Aromatherapy, a traditional technique that involves removing scents that can contribute to nausea, and replacing them with more relieving scents, such as citrusy Lemon.

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