Cough & Sore Throat

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    Cough & Sore Throat

    A cough and/or sore throat are usually the first signs that a cold maybe on its way. Natures Healthbox have a wide range of fast-effective and natural remedies that work quickly when a cough or sore throat strike.

    What triggers coughing?

    A cough is usually 'chesty' and subsequently a further indication of a possible chest infection. Conventional cough mixtures may help supress the feelings of a cough, however they may not always fully combat their full affects.

    What causes you to have a sore throat?

    A sore throat may strain a person’s vocal chords, and generally feel inflamed (making it difficult to swallow). Conventional sore throat elixirs pose a risk of adverse reactions or additional feelings of drowsiness during their use. 

    Is turmeric good for sore throat?

    It might be! Turmeric is full of powerful Antioxidants, so you may wish to mix half a teaspoon of this distinctive yellow powder with half a teaspoon of Salt into one cup of hot water and gargle.

    What can I take to suppress my cough?

    A Herbal Tea with Liquorice, Ginger or Peppermint should help to suppress a cough, while a menthol vapour rub will open up the airways.

    What helps a sore throat and stop coughing?

    GingerBromelainHoneyThyme and a constant intake of warm, hydrating fluids are just some of the most popular and natural ways of reducing a persistent cough and relieving the pain of a sore throat.

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