Sexual Health

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    Natures Healthbox have a wide range of natural and organic gels, drops, lubricants and moisturisers for sexually active men and women. From water based to oil based, many of these products contain natural botanicals and soothing plant plant extracts.

    Why is Sexual Health Important?

    Sexual health is important for all sexually active people as it is one of the most important aspects of a loving realtionship, which can bind partners together. Maintaining a good level of sexual health ensures the possibility of having pleasurable sexual experiences that are free from illness and infection.

    What should I Eat to last longer in bed?

    You should look to give your Body a longer-lasting source of Energy, so with that in mind try to consume foods that are packed with protein and Vitamin B. These can include Nuts & Seeds, lean meats, Fish, Peanut Butter, milk & dairy products, and leafy green vegetables.

    What vitamins help sexually?

    Erectile function is dependent on good blood flow, so as Vitamin C is known to help improve blood flow, it is considered to be a highly prized sexual health vitamin. And for overall sexual performance, you may also wish to consider other natural, nutrient-rich alternatives, such as the powerful Chinese herb Ginseng, which is thought to improve Fatigue and stamina, and therefore boost sexual drive. Maca is also thought to stimulate the libido in males.

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