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    Vaginal Health

    Vaginal health is a crucial part of a woman's overall health. If left untreated vaginal health issues may cause Stress, an infection, Fertility complications or a lack of desire for sex, and subsequent relationship or self-confidence problems.

    How can you tell your pH balance is off?

    An unbalanced vaginal pH may present itself through the symptoms of vaginal itching or by a burning sensation, when a woman urinates. Unusual discharges or a fishy smell may also be signs that a woman's pH balance is off.

    What are the best foods for vaginal health?

    Some of the best foods for vaginal health include; Coconut Oil, Cranberry, Flaxseed, Garlic, Nuts & Seeds, omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids, spinach and oysters.

    Are probiotics useful for vaginal health?

    They might be! Vaginal probiotic Supplements are becoming extremely popular right now, as more and more health experts contemplate their potential benefits on vaginal health. But while there is almost no evidence that Probiotics do benefit vaginal health, there is no doubting that more women are trying them now for the prevention and treatment of vaginal imbalances.

    What is the best natural feminine wash?

    You may wish to try Faith in Nature Feminine Wash 200ml, Bentley Organic Gentle Feminine Wash 250ml, Organyc Natural Intimate Wash 250ml and OrganiCup Intimate Wash 75ml.

    Are menstrual cups good for vaginal health?

    Yes! Many women use Menstrual Cups as an eco-friendly alternative to tampons because they don't dry the vagina. Menstrual cups preserve the healthy bacteria that protect women from vaginal infections, and are also not associated with toxic shock syndrome (TSS), which while is a rare, life-threatening condition, it is linked to regular tampon use.

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