Joint Health & Inflammation

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    390 products

    Joint Health & Inflammation

    Natures Healthbox offer an array of natural products specifically formulated for joint health & inflammation. From tablets to capsules, Superfood powders, and muscle rubs & lotions, this extensive selection is sure to cater for each and everyones individual needs.

    What causes joint pain and inflammation?

    Joint health & inflammation go hand in hand as most forms of Joint pain involve inflammation. Sometimes joint pain and inflammation can be local and other times it may be intrinsic. Inflammation is part of the healing process and occurs when the immune proteins and white blood cells in the Body work to defend against viruses, infection and bacteria. Arthritis is commonly associated with inflammation, because when inflammation spirals out of control, it can often cause this auto-immune disease. As the number of cells and inflammatory substances increase, joints and the joint lining can be become irritated and swollen, and cartilage becomes worn.

    What foods are inflammatory?

    Other than age, overuse or a sports related injury, other causes of inflammation can be connected to the foods we consume in our daily diet. Corn based products, yeast and those foods high in sugar and saturated fats are just a few examples of food that may cause overactivity within the Immune System leading to inflammation, and even Fatigue.

    Does caffeine cause inflammation in joints?

    There is much research out there that tends to point in the direction that caffeine does indeed cause joint inflammation. One study suggested that Coffee drinkers who consumed more than four cups of coffee a day were two times more likely to develop arthritis than those who didn't.

    What foods reduce inflammation in the body?

    Ginger, Nuts & Seeds are foods which may be beneficial because they all have highly-prized anti-inflammatory properties.

    What is the strongest natural anti inflammatory?

    Some of the strongest natural anti-inflammatory Supplements available, include Fish Oils and those with Ginger, Turmeric, Curcumin and alpha-lipoic acid (ALA).

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