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Almonds are the seed of the fruit of the almond tree, native to the Middle East, and are readily available in both sweet & bitter variations. These days, the United States of America are the world's largest producer of amonds, which can be consumed both raw as a stand-alone snack or used as an ingredient in salads, casseroles and your favourite home-baked goods.

Which is better raw or roasted almonds?

Raw almonds are extremely healthy but carry the slight possibility of having bacteria upon them - this bacteria is unlikely to cause any illness. When cooked, roasted almonds may lose some of their vitamin and antioxidant value, with their healthy fats becoming damaged too during the roasting process.

Are almonds good for you?

Yes! Almonds are thought to be a bone-building Food that are full of Calcium, Selenium, Copper, Magnesium, Thiamin, Phosphorus, Iron, Zinc and Riboflavin. Almonds also contain a rich source of Antioxidants too, in the form of the fat soluble Vitamin E, which protects against toxins & helps repair damaged cells.