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    Minerals & Vitamins for Fatigue and Tiredness

    With a few simple changes to our everyday lifestyles we can significantly improve the effects of fatigue. The first and most obvious change is to ensure a good night's Sleep, and we can do this by maintaining a regular sleep pattern (even getting up at the same time at weekends). However, if you struggle with sleep or want to improve your fatigue symptoms then look no further than the Natures Healthbox selection of natural fatigue products, which are made from the very best energizing ingredients.

    What are the symptoms of fatigue?

    Fatigue is a feeling of exhaustion or tiredness, and may in some cases, have a physical or mental cause (seek medical consultation in this case). Normal causes of fatigue include physical exertion, lack of sleep, jet lag, boredom, Low Mood & Esteem.

    What foods cure fatigue?

    Consuming more high-fibre foods aids Blood Sugar Control, while spinach contains a rich source of Vitamin B and Potassium that are both important for Energy metabolism.

    Does exercise help with fatigue?

    Yes! Regular exercise not only helps shed those extra pounds but surprisingly provides the Body with a boost of energy. And those who get at least thirty minutes of aerobic exercise most days of the week, tend to sleep better too. Limiting one's consumption of alcohol and caffeinated Drinks & Beverages can also have a positive effect on fatigue, while sipping on water all day long helps to avoid dehydration (another cause of fatigue).

    What is the best natural remedy for fatigue?

    Magnesium has a role in modifying fat, protein and carbohydrates into sources of energy, and a mild deficiency in this mineral can cause fatigue in some people. Carnitine (an amino acid) fuels the body's cell components that produce energy, while Ginkgo can make you feel more alert and less fatigued because it improves blood flow to the Brain.


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