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    CBD Infused Water

    At Natures Healthbox we offer a selection of bottled CBD Water, which have been specially selected from only the most trusted brands within the current CBD market - making them perfectly legal & safe for consumption.

    What is CBD Water?

    Simply put, CBD Water is exactly what it sounds like; CBD and water infused together. 

    Why should I choose CBD Water?

    CBD Water acts like a bioavailable source of CBD, making it an ideal choice for those those who lead an active lifestyle. In fact many find that CBD Water makes consuming this particular cannabinoid even easier to take and is more effective on the Body, because it quickly penetrates through the tissues and digestive tract. Beyond this, many people find it more subtle to drink a water based drink rather than dropping CBD oil under their tongue and holding it there for 1-2 minutes before swallowing the rest. On top of this, a lot of people do not like the taste of CBD oil, finding the unflavoured version quite difficult to swallow. On the other hand, the CBD water tends not to have a strong taste.

    Will CBD water get me high?

    No, CBD Water is a non-psychoactive product that will not alter your Brain & Mind functions, meaning you will not get "high" when consuming it.

    How Much CBD Water Should You Drink?

    This will depend on the individual product and how much CBD you aim to consume, however in general a single bottle is the recommended single dosage. For example, the Love Hemp Water 500ml bottle contains 2mg of CBD. Considering the max quantity any CBD brand recommends you consume is 200mg of CBD, you will be way within your maximum allowance. So why do you only get 2mg of CBD? Well, these CBD water brands work to introduce nanotechnology so that the single particle sizes are smaller and are actually absorbed and utilised to a greater effect, meaning you need less to get the same results.

    Can CBD oil be mixed with water?

    We would strongly recommend against this. The recommended consumption method for CBD oil is sublingual, meaning put under your tongue for 1-2 minutes to increase the absorption rate, before swallowing the rest. A much lower amount is absorbed when reaching the stomach, however carrier oils do help to increase the absorption rate. This is why water based options are developed so that they still have a high absorption rate, whether using nanotechnology or lipid based CBD.

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