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    While CBD Oil might be the most common consumption method, there is a growing demand for CBD powder as an alternative that works amazingly in smoothies or on your breakfast. This will often come in a pure, crystalline powder, however each product and brand will be slightly different. The powder is normally a CBD isolate, around 99% pure, which means it is separated from the other compounds you would normally find alongside CBD.

    How Do I Use CBD Powder?

    As with CBD oil, you can place it under your tongue and consume it sublingually, waiting a minute for it to be absorbed before swallowing the remaining powder. However, for most taking it in the powder form, the benefit is being able to add it to their foods or drinks. A common method is to add it to a smoothie alongside plenty of other healthy ingredients. You can also sprinkle it on over your cereal.

    How Much CBD Powder Do I Consume?

    All different products will have their own guidance, based on the percentage of CBD and the other ingredients used. Most products (but not all) will contain a small scoop, which will be set to a precise size, taking away the guesswork. On average, most CBD powders recommend consuming a single scoop, however you will have to consider how much CBD is in that scoop and how much you aim to consume each day.

    What Are The Main Benefits To CBD Powder Over Other Forms?

    We won’t go into the benefits of CBD as a whole, as we have covered that topic in a huge amount of detail, but instead we will focus on why people opt for the powder form over an oil or a gummy. The main reason people like a CBD powder is because it can blend perfectly into your food. A lot of people struggle with the taste of CBD oil, hence the range of edibles has been expanding significantly over the past few years. But as great as a gummy or a cookie is, you can’t throw it into your morning shake or over your porridge. Another reason people love this is because it can easily be measured out, so you can work out the precise amount you are consuming each day and adjust accordingly. Despite it being a powder, it can often be added to a vape, a CBD tea or many other forms of products to increase the potency of the CBD.

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