Herbal Tinctures

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    56 products

    Herbal Tinctures

    Natures Healthbox have a wide range of liquid herbal tinctures for those who live a time sensitive lifestyle. These liquid herbal extracts are great way to administer the healing power of plants to our seemingly excited and aggravated lives. 

    What is difference between tincture and extract?

    Simply putting it, all tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts but not all extracts are tinctures.

    Are tinctures good for you?

    Yes! The two distinctive advantages of herbal tinctures are that they preserve active constituents and have a long shelf life. They can be easily added to most drinks or can be taken directly.

    When should I take herbal tinctures?

    Unless directed, it usually advised to take a herbal tincture at a minimum of two times a day (morning & evening).

    How do you make herbal tinctures taste better?

    As some Herbs are very bitter or bad-tasting, an individual may be put off using herbal tinctures. However, to take them more palatable you might want to add them to Mineral Water or Juices & Concentrates.

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