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    What do different nutrients do?

    Besides aiding the maintenance of healthy weight, nutrients are essential for the all of the body's systems to function optimally for a lifetime. Good nutrition can also help physical and mental health, as a healthy diet provides Energy and promotes a good night's Sleep.

    What is the only way to get all the nutrients you need?

    Eating healthy foods regularly as part of a balanced diet, should provide your Body with all the nutrients it needs. However this may seem like a difficult task for some in today’s busy world, so nutritional Supplements could prove as the perfect option to top up on those essential Other Nutrients.

    What other nutrients are important?

    The 6 essential nutrients are as follows;

    1. Fats.
    2. Water.
    3. Protein.
    4. Minerals.
    5. Vitamins.
    6. Carbohydrates.

    Which nutrients help our growth?

    Vitamins A  & C are important for growth along with the minerals; Iron and Calcium.

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