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    60 products

    From Chi to Rice Dream, Bonsoy to Provamel, a whole industry has developed Milk alternatives for the growing number of Lactose or Dairy Intolerant people, vegans or those who simply do not like the taste of cows’ milk. Despite being a rich source of Calcium, cow’s milk certainly isn’t the diet conscious choice for many people, as it is full of calories and saturated fats. Natures Healthbox offer a wide range of alternative milk's which are low in fat and suitable for those with the aforementioned milk intolerances.

    Coconut Milk is derived from the flesh of the Coconut, and is Lactose Free, meaning it can be safely used as a milk substitute by those with lactose intolerance. Almond Milk is derived from a plant source and contains large traces of ManganeseMagnesiumSelenium and Antioxidant rich, Vitamin ESoya Milk is also plant derived and is Lactose Free, rich in fibre, and packed with Protein. The least fattening of all the milk alternatives is Rice Milk, an extremely nutritious, Hypoallergenic milk alternative that is loaded with Vitamin B-6, niacin, Copper and Iron.

    Whatever your preference, the Natures Healthbox range of Milk substitutes have a far less overall impact on the environment, compared to cow's milk. There are no animal welfare issues associated with the production of these milks, and the carbon footprint is much lower too!

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