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    What are tissue salts?

    Tissue Salts are homeopathically prepared minerals that work more like Supplements at a cellular level. Also referred to as biochemistry or cell SaltsTissue Salts occur naturally within the human Body but during times of Stress, sickness, poor diet or Pregnancy these may become imbalanced. An imbalance or 'deficiency' in Tissue Salts may cause uncomfortable physical symptoms such as constipation and cramps or result in ingrowing Nails, thinning Hair or poor Memory.

    The 'Homeopathic' system of the Tissue Salts was developed in the late 1880's by German physician, Dr. Schuessler. After in depth studies of the ash residues in all human cells, Dr. Schuessler found twelve inorganic Mineral salts:

    Tissue Salts are important to the body because they lay the foundations for all enzyme activities and promote various functions and cycles of Energy.

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