Outside the Box - What kind of milk is good for soccer players?

In week 5 of Outside the Box, our writer Mark and the ladies of Worthing Women’s Football Club looked at the benefits of plant-based milk for on-pitch performance. This was something of interest to Worthing’s head coach, John Donaghue, at the very early stages of OTB, and thanks to Borna Foods we are happy to have been able to fulfil this request and supplement his players with Borna’s pistachio drinks - a big thank you to Sofie at Borna for making this happen.

So after a somewhat strange & quiet Sunday, where the ladies had no fixture this past weekend it was time to turn our attention to Dairy Free Milk products, and in particular those made from pistachios.

Is there such a thing as pistachio milk?

Yes, absolutely! Don’t be put off by its pale-green colour, for Pistachio Milk has been making waves of late as a more than worthy contender to Oat Milk

Does pistachio milk taste like pistachio?

Pistachio milks unmistakable, piney & nutty-like flavour is rich but mild. Some pistachio milks may be sweetened too, however they all make for the perfect addition to a cup of Tea, Coffee, breakfast cereal or even in Baking recipes!

Is milk good for soccer players?

Yes! Regardless of your own personal preference, dairy and non-dairy milk products contain vital nutrients to help build strong Bones and muscles. This is why they are often considered essential for younger players, such as children who regularly play at grassroots & elite levels.

Are pistachios good for soccer players?

Yes! Protein powered pistachios contain nutrients like Vitamin A, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, as well as other phytochemicals. Vitamins A acts as an antioxidant to help reduce muscle damage, while copper enhances endurance by increasing oxygenation. Manganese is involved in the activation process of metabolism enzymes, while magnesium helps to convert glycogen to glucose, which works to fuel a soccer player during a match.

Is pistachio milk better than almond milk?

While Almond Milk may provide you with much more Vitamin E than pistachio milk, pistachios have a far smaller water footprint than Almonds and grow with a fraction of the water. This makes pistachio milk better for a footballer and better for our environment, which as we all know is more important than ever right now in today's current climate.

Is it bad to drink milk before a soccer game?

No, not necessarily! However, a footballer obviously won’t want to be gulping down cartons of milk just before the match starts. How close to kick off a Worthing FC Women’s player may wish to consume a moderate amount of milk, all depends on how well-fueled they are. If they’ve supplemented their pre-game diet correctly, then a football player should be well-hydrated, fueled and raring to go. Nevertheless, liquid nutrition to a footballer is important so it may be necessary to top up the tank a little or indeed at the half-time interval.

How should you rest after a soccer game?

After an exhausting football activity, it’s important the ladies of Worthing FC begin their refueling process once more. Packing a portable & Dairy Free milk like Borna's to supply them with a post-workout fuel source may also prove to be a good option to take them through to when they sit down with their teammates and consume a full balanced meal. 

How much does pistachio milk cost?

If you’re wondering where to buy pistachio milk from, or simply looking to add Borna Pistachio Milk’s to your own kit bag, you can find them right here at Natures Healthbox. A single carton of both Borna Unsweetened Premium Pistachio Drink 500ml and Borna Lightly Sweetened Premium Pistachio Drink 500ml costs £2.19.


There’s no doubt that pistachio nut milk can be incorporated into the daily diets of football players. Whether it be pre-game, post-game, or even at half-time, the nutritional benefits of pistachios make pistachio nut milks a worthy addition for both fuel & recovery. Make sure you’re following Worthing Women’s Football Club on social media, @WorthingFCWomen on Twitter and @worthingfcwomen on Instagram, to see how the ladies get on with Borna Pistachio Drinks for the remainder of the season.