Borna Foods

Borna Foods

Borna Foods: Pistachio Nut Butters & Milk Alternatives

Borna Foods is a young British company offering a range of artisan pistachio butters that are made from Pistachio Nuts sourced from family-owned farms across the globe. These Nut Butters are 100% natural, free from sugar, oils and preservatives, and come in both smooth and crunchy varieties, so which one will you choose?

What are Pistachios?

Native to the Middle East, pistachios have been naturally growing for thousands of years. Pistachios thrive in dry and warm conditions, which contribute to their distinctive taste and high nutritional value. Meaning, pistachios are one of the most nutrient dense Nuts in the world.

What is the shelf life of Borna Nut Butters?

Borna Foods Artisan Pistachio Butters have an approximate shelf life of one year before the seal is broken. Once opened, it is advised for you to consume the product within three months.

Are Borna Pistachio Nut Butters vegan friendly?

Yes! Borna Foods Artisan Pistachio Butters are suitable for both vegan and Kosher diets.

I've heard including pistachios in my diet can provide me with some great health benefits, is this true?

Yes! Pistachios consist of healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which can contribute to positive Heart Health. They are also a brilliant source of protein, fibre, Magnesium and vitamin B-6.

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