Just Natural Organic

248 products

    248 products

    Just Natural Organic: A one-stop shop for healthy snacks & produce.

    Just Natural Organic is superb range of FlourNuts & Seeds, Granola & Muesli, Porridge & Oats and Just Natural Herbs & Spices.

    Where can I buy Just Natural products?

    You can buy Just Natural products right here, at Natures Healthbox!

    Are seeds healthier than nuts?

    Both nuts & seeds are healthy Food sources, with similar nutritional values. Every seed and nut has its own mix of Vitamins and Minerals, in addition to dietary fibre & healthy fats.

    What are the main types of flour?

    There are many types of different flour available on the current market right now, which cater for all your Baking needs. The Just Natural Organic range is no different, so you can expect to find the finest flour products for Bread, pastries, cakes and Gluten Free recipes, along with the ever so popular self-rising and whole wheat flours.

    What is difference between granola and muesli?

    Both granola & muesli are typically made with oats, fruits, nuts & seeds, but granola is mixed with a sweeter ingredients such as Honey before being baked. Muesli is not baked and can be served either hot or cold.

    What are the most popular herbs and spices?

    There are hundreds of different Herbs & Spices out there that tickle the tastebuds of each and every individual on the planet, however chili, Ginger and Garlic seem to be some of the most popular of them all. Whatever you're looking for you can be sure to find the right herb or spice product for you within the Just Natural range.

    What is the packaging made from, and has it been certified compostable?

    Yes! Just Natural are always constantly looking for new ways to reduce their impact on the planet’s resources and reduce plastic waste. With this in mind, the Just Natural range of products including nuts, seeds, Oats, and dried fruits is presented in certified (EN 13432) plastic free & compostable packaging. The packaging is a laminate of a cellulose film (from tree pulp) and polylactic acid (from sugar cane), which are both GMO free.

    Why should I choose Just Natural Organic?

    Just Natural premium quality foods are carefully selected locally and from around the globe to ensure you receive the best produce available. They are thoroughly inspected by well trained staff and then packed in a fantastic new packing facility with increased hygiene standards, a green policy and fully documented procedures.

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