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Garlic has long been a common seasoning worldwide but did you know this ingredient goes way beyond cooking, and can be used medicinally too. However, because of its strong smell many prefer to take organic garlic supplements in tablet or capsule form rather than a powder or eating the raw crushed cloves directly.

Is garlic good for you?

Yes! Antioxidant-rich garlic has been shown to increase the number of antioxidant enzymes within our bodies. Consuming raw garlic or aged garlic extract may also help to effectively fight off the symptoms of a cold.

Does garlic and honey help sexually?

It might! Garlic's main active component is known as allicin, which according to some studies, can improve the sex drive of both male & females - this is because allicin is believed to increase the blood flow to the sexual organs, and thus improve ones' sexual desire. However, while Honey shares a similar antioxidant-rich profile like garlic there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that it boosts libido.

Is it safe to take garlic pills everyday?

Garlic pills and tablets are generally well-tolerated by most individuals but allicin may cause liver toxicity if taken in large quantities. Taking more garlic than you need could lead to diarrhoea, so it's always important to take recommended dose on the product label or as advised by your GP.