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Porridge & Oats

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Porridge & Oats

What's the best porridge oats to buy?

Porridge is the perfect healthy breakfast to give you long lasting Energy throughout the day at a highly affordable price. These oats are long lasting and the Natures Healthbox selection (below) feature only the biggest UK brands at the best possible price.

Is porridge actually good for you?

For a start, we don't get enough fibre in our western diets, however a single bowl of porridge will actually offer you more fibre than a slice of wholemeal Bread - without the guilt of eating bread. Spiking your insulin levels is a natural reaction when having something high on the glycaemic index, however this isn't the case for oats, which provide you with long lasting energy.

What are the benefits of oats?

Oats are a rich source of Zinc, Iron and Magnesium, as well as the B Vitamins. This makes oats one of the most healthy breakfast options available to you. Oats have also been shown to lower Cholesterol levels (if consumed regularly) and they're also high in Antioxidants too!

Do you eat porridge with milk?

Milk will often make your porridge taste nicer, however it's also a higher calorie option too. And while it does provide a few extra calories, milk isn't necessarily a bad thing for your children, as it contains one of the best Calcium sources for kids.

If you're on a strict Slimming & Weight Loss plan you may wish to consider adding water, skimmed milk or a plant-based alternative to your porridge.

Is porridge OK for lactose Intolerance?

Yes, especially if your substitute the milk for water or a Dairy Free Milk alternative, such as Almond Milk or Coconut Milk.