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    Goat Milk Baby Formula

    If you're wondering where to buy goat milk formula, then you've come to the right place. For the Natures Healthbox selection of Goat Milk products have been made from the finest natural & organic ingredients. With brands ranging from Holle and NANNYcare, there's plenty available to satisfy the needs of your little one.

    Why is goats milk better than cows?

    Every day, more and more parents are becoming increasingly aware that cow’s milk may not be well-tolerated by their infants and babies. Many of these people who perceive that they have these issues may find goat’s milk as an allergy aware alternative to Cow’s Milk. This is because goat's milk is easier to digest as it contains a higher proportion of short and medium-chain Fatty Acids. Goat's milk also has less lactose in comparison to cow’s milk, so substituting your little ones feed with an Organic Goat Milk Formula may prove beneficial if he/she is lactose intolerant, spits up a lot or has gastroesophageal reflux.

    Is goats milk formula safe for babies?

    Goat’s Milk is nutritionally closest to cow’s milk than any other alternatives and contains more Calcium, Vitamin A, vitamin B6, niacin, Potassium, Copper and antioxidant-rich Selenium

    Is goats milk easier for babies to digest?

    Yes! As goat's milk contains less allergenic proteins than cow's milk, it is easier for babies & infants to digest.

    What makes goat milk the best?

    Goat’s milk still maintains the same high levels of essential Amino Acids and proteins found in cow’s milk, however while cow’s milk has approximately 17% fatty acids, goat’s milk averages 35%, making it a much more nutritionally wholesome alternative.

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