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Potassium Supplements UK

Buy the best potassium supplements online, right here at Natures Healthbox!

Which potassium supplement is best?

You may wish to consider Viridian Potassium Magnesium Citrate 90 Capsules or BioCare Potassium Ascorbate 60 Capsules.

How does potassium benefit the body?

Potassium is an important mineral in which the human Body ultilises in a variety of different ways. As a vasodilator, potassium works to reduce tension in the blood vessels, and ensures the proper distribution of oxygen to vital organ systems. Potassium also acts as an electrolyte, and plays an important role in skeletal and smooth muscle contraction, making it important for both muscular and digestive functions.

What food is highest in potassium?

Food sources of potassium include Fish, fruit & vegetables, dairy products, meat, poultry, and Nuts.

Is peanut butter high in potassium?

Peanut Butter isn't the highest food source of potassium however it's not the lowest too, and is therefore certainly not a bad option for those looking to increase overall levels within their daily diet.