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    Vitamin D

    Vitamin D, also known as calciferol, is a fat-soluble steroid vitamin that encourages the absorption and metabolism of Phosphorous and Calcium. As sunlight promotes sufficient vitamin D synthesis within the Skin, those individuals exposed to normal quantities of sunlight don't tend to require much of this vitamin, however increasing medical research is continuing to reveal the sheer importance of vitamin D for a whole host of health issues.

    What happens when your vitamin D is low?

    If you have low levels of vitamin D, or indeed a vitamin D deficiency, a loss of bone density may occur that could further lead to fractures or rickets; a rare disease in children that softens their bones and makes them bend. Those who adhere to a strict vegan diet or suffer from milk allergies, may also be at risk of a vitamin D deficiency.

    Can a lack of vitamin D cause anxiety?

    While studies are inconclusive at this present time, there is more and more research being carried out that suggests vitamin D insufficiency may relate to higher levels of Anxiety in some individuals.

    What foods are high in vitamin D?

    Fortified foods like breakfast cereals are good sources of vitamin D, along with Fish (sardines, salmon & mackerel), red meat, liver and egg yolks.

    When should I take vitamin D morning or night?

    There's nothing to say whether it's best to take vitamin D first thing in the morning or in the evening just before you go to bed. However, like with so many other dietary Food supplements these days, vitamin D should probably be taken with a main meal to enhance its absorption (unless directed otherwise of course!).

    What is the best vitamin D supplement?

    When it comes to the 'best' vitamin D supplement, this is often down to simple individual preference. After all, what works for one person may not work for another. And if you are to believe a clinical study carried out in 2008, then it's safe to say that vitamin D2 is just as good as the popular vitamin D3. What we do know is, that when it comes to the best selection of vitamin D Supplements, we at Natures Healthbox have you covered.

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