Celtic Wind Crops

Celtic Wind Crops

Celtic Wind Crops - Cold Pressed CBD Hemp Oil

Who Are Celtic Winds?

Celtic Wind Crops is an Irish based Hemp company formed in 2012. Their business is based around the Hemp plant and harnessing its ability to feed, clothe, shelter and give health in order to create a sustainable future.

Celtic Wind Crops have been selling their multi complex CBD Oil for over three years in the UK and Ireland. The Hemp plants used by Celtic Wind Crops are grown organically in selective, remote and pristine microclimates which is vital for the Hemp to thrive naturally and healthily without the use of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides etc. Their product is unique from any other CBD product on the market,

Celtic Wind produce its own unique cold press technique; this means it remains one hundred per cent natural; containing all of the plant’s goodness as well as CBD.Celtic Wind Crops are vertically integrated, owning the whole process from seed to shelf. The hemp they cultivate is organically grown in selective microclimates in Ireland where CBD thrives naturally in the plant.

What is Cold Pressed CBD Oil?

As the name indicates, a cold press process is a pressing of the plant that lacks heat and interferance in its production. The Components in Hemp are heat sensitive so by a Cold Press technique, it allows the natural synergy of the Hemp plant components still in tact. This way the natural occuring molecules are not altered or eliminated, leaving Celtic Winds CBD Oil the way nature intended. 

The benefits of taking Cold Pressed CBD Oil?

CBD is known to work best with the vast array of other nutrients that naturally occur with CBD in the plant. We know this process as the Entourage Effect.

Hemp is one of the richest plants in active nutrients, so by using the cold press technique they effectively squeeze all of this goodness of over one hundred and fifty compounds (including cannabinoids, terpenes, minerals, omegas, amino acids , flavonoids, etc) into the bottle along with the CBD; creating the entourage effect, as they work synergistically together. 


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