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High Quality Full Spectrum CBD Oils

At Natures Healthbox we have a fine selection of CBD Oils from some of the biggest brand names on the CBD market, such as Elixinol, Kiki Health and Love CBD.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is derived from the resin glands in flowers of the cannabis plant. The oil found within these glands will often differ in quality and quantity, depending from which different strains of the cannabis plant they are extracted. 

CBD Oil can be extracted in three different ways, which include an ethanol method (using high-grain alcohol), a C02 method, which removes substances like chlorophyll, and a carrier oil (usually olive oil) method. Unlike 'medical marijuana', which is usually made from plants with high traces of psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD oil contains a high CBD content but very low-THC hemp content (0.2%).

Are CBD Hemp Oil & Hemp Seed Oil the same thing?

No! CBD Hemp Oils significantly differ from the types of hemp seed oil that you'll commonly find upon the shelves of your local supermarket. Hemp seed oil is derived only from Hemp Seeds and contains many healthy Vitamins and Minerals, while it's also high in essential fatty acids. Unlike CBD Hemp Oil however, hemp seed oil does not contain cannabidiol.

How might CBD Oil benefit my body?

CBD Oil interacts with our body's naturally occurring system - the Endogenous Cannabinoid System (ECS). It is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid (meaning it doesn’t cause a high) that binds to the special receptor sites of our organs, brain, and immune system to positively influence pain response & immune function, and regulate homeostasis & hormonal imbalances. It also seems that adding CBD Oil to your everyday diet may have a positive impact on your general health and well-being because it's a rich source of omega-3 and Amino Acids too!

Will CBD affect drug tests?

Many people are tested for work, whether that's firefighters or athletes, so it is important to know if taking this supplement will affect the results. Firstly, you need to understand what they are looking for. They don't care about CBD, but it is the levels of THC that they care about.

Considering this is the psychoactive element that gets you high, you therefore can't have high levels of this. In the UK, the legal limit is 0.2%, however this could still show up on a test result. Therefore, if you are tested, we'd recommend opting for a CBD isolate or a CBD product that directly states there is zero THC.

Can You Have Too Much?

The general recommendation is not to go over 70mg of CBD in a single day. This is a relatively high dosage and you probably won't get anywhere near this figure with most of these products, with the average consumer having between 10-20mg of CBD per day. Having said that, everyone's body is different and it is worth testing how you react and adjusting accordingly.

Is CBD oil addictive?

No, CBD is not addictive at all. There are studies that show THC could be addictive, however these must be below 0.2% in CBD products in the UK to be sold, therefore the levels of extremely low.

Is CBD the most useful cannabinoid?

The answer to this question is relatively unknown, with a huge amount more testing required. The knowledge around other cannabinoids is increasing over time, such as CBG oil and CBN, which are all gaining a huge reputation over time.

What is the difference between full spectrum, broad and isolate?

When you get an isolate CBD, this means that this is the only ingredient present (or as close as possible), often stating '99% isolate'. This is important for some who are looking for this, however others might prefer full spectrum as this contains certain quantities of other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes that are present in the plant. The important reason for this is that many tests and studies have shown that they actually work better together rather than on their own, also known as the entourage effect. However, as previously mentioned, some people are tested at their workplace and cannot have any form of THC in their body. While full spectrum is only allowed up to 0.2% THC in the UK, this can still show up, so for those who do not want any or are slightly sensitive to THC, they can opt for broad spectrum, which means it still contains all the other cannabinoids but has zero THC. Oddly, we have noticed a number of CBD brands mix their terms up, so it is important to check the 3rd party lab test results if you particularly want to find out what is present.

How do I take CBD oil?

To ensure you get as much into your bloodstream, you should drop the oil under your tongue and hold it there for 1-2 minutes, before swallowing the remaining liquid. You will occasionally find brands stating on their recommended usage to hold them under your tongue for 20-30 seconds, however from reading studies we believe the time should be longer than this. The process of holding it under your tongue is known as sublingual and is commonplace with many tinctures. 

Why is there MCT or olive oil in my product?

This fat source is applied as a carrier oil to increase bioavailability after swallowing, to ensure you actually absorb higher levels. There are many carrier oil options you might find, however in general MCT is seen as the greatest quality for absorption, derived from coconuts.

Do You Sell Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Absolutely, we have a large range of full spectrum CBD oils, which have a brilliant combination of cannabinoids present in the end product, which can be seen from the lab reports. 

The difference between full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate is how they are extracted and what remains. Full spectrum means it will it uses the whole plant extract, meaning the resulting oil should have all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids you would expect from the plant. To be sold in the UK, the THC levels will still be minimal so they legally qualify.

Broad spectrum is very similar, however the THC has been limited to nothing or barely even a trace. Isolate is where the cannabinoid has been isolated, so you will only get CBD and nothing else.

I Want To Buy CBD Oil In The UK

Good to hear! We're the number one sellers of CBD oil in the UK and our expert team are available to answer any queries you might have. We have a vast selection and can easily deliver to all areas of the UK. No longer will you have to wonder where to buy CBD oil, with cannabis oil and CBD tinctures readily available to order.