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Ginseng, or ficus microcarpa ginseng, is an oval-shaped root of plants in the genus; Panax. Native to Southeast Asia, ginseng means 'person root' in Mandarin and is highly revered for its ability to boost Energy & Vitality. Here at Natures Healthbox, ginseng is available in many forms such as ginseng capsulesginseng extract tablets, and ginseng elixir.

What is ginseng good for?

Ginseng vitamins have been used for thousands of years to improve overall health especially in those recovering from illness. It increases the sense of well being and stamina in both mental and physical performance. It has also been shown to reduce Stress levels and have some anti-aging properties.

Does ginseng help sexually?

It might do! Recent studies of natural remedies and male health suggest Panax ginseng may benefit men with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation issues.

What is ginseng capsule used for?

Ginseng capsules, like Urban Essentials Cognitive Focus Complex 60 Capsules, may provide Immune Support and therefore improve overall health.

What does ginseng do to the brain?

It is widely believed that neuroprotective effect of ginseng may be useful in the treatment of Depression, while also playing an indirect role in enhanced Memory.

What medications should not be taken with ginseng?

You should seek the medical consultation of a physician before supplementing with ginseng, if you're currently taking immunosuppressants, warfarin or any type of medication for depression & diabetes.

Can you drink ginseng at night?

You can consume ginseng at any time of the day, in the form of ginseng tea, however be careful which one you choose as some types of ginseng may actually disrupt Sleep. A Tea with red ginseng extract may encourage a peaceful night's sleep but in any case always check the label first.

*If you are looking for ginseng tea, be sure to check out those made by PukkaDr Stuart'sYogi Tea and AquaSol Tea.