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Dr Stuart's

Dr Stuart's

Dr Stuart’s - Extraordinarily Good Teas.

Dr Stuart’s have a large range of teas which are beneficial in all different ways but also, they have a variation of flavours that will suit everyone. And as these functional teas have been specifically created for well-being, the Herbs within them are of the highest quality medicinal grade, identified as ‘Active Botanicals’.

What are Active Botanicals?

Active Botanicals are herbs of the highest quality medicinal grade, picked from the most prized part of the plants, with the most Essential Oils. This ensures that Dr Stuart's are the most aromatic, flavourful and beneficial teas around on the market today.

Who is Dr Stuart?

Dr Malcolm Stuart is an ethnobotanist and world authority on the health benefits of herbs. He is personally involved in selecting and blending the ‘pick of the crop’ for all of the extraordinarily outstanding range of Herbal Teas you see below.

What is in detox tea?

Dr Stuarts Detox Tea 15 bags feature a combination of herbs that simulate the liver & kidney and encourage urination. Some of these active ingredients used are the roots of burdock, liquorice and dandelion, as well as ginger & spearmint.

Why should I consume Dr Stuart’s teas?

Dr Stuart’s Extraordinarily Good Teas are made only from the finest natural ingredients, meaning they are good for you in terms of your overall health and well-being.