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AquaSol Tea

AquaSol Tea

Pure Instant Herbs & Spices. Unforgettable Infusions.

AquaSol Tea have selected the finest quality Herbs & Spices from across the world to provide you with a range of products that can be added to hot water for an instant Herbal Tea, or to cold water for a cold-water infusion. No tea bag, no waste, no fuss, just pure herb tea!

What is considered an herbal tea?

This new range of AquaSol Tea's include: Green Tea, elderflower, Lemon balm, EchinaceaDevil’s ClawTurmeric, hibiscus flower, Rose petal, white Ginseng and Ginger root with no excipients and no contaminants. AquaSol's super fine grade gives these herbs a much smaller granule and a larger surface area, delivering a more intense infusion and dispersion.

What are the benefits of drinking herbal tea?

Aquasol pure herb teas come in the simplest format - instant. The whole herb is consumed with each serving, providing us with all the nutritional benefits and zero waste. So whether you use herbs as part of a complementary diet, for a harmonising herbal tea, for flavour or within cosmetics, herbs fulfil a part of what it is to be human. The Vitamins and Antioxidants found in many herbal teas make them a great addition for supporting your Immune System.

What is the best tea to drink for your heart?

Many expert herbalists believe that green trea is the best herbal tea to consume for its Heart Health properties.

What can I do AquaSol?

You can enjoy Aquasol herbs however you like! Add them to your favourite smoothies, mix with hot milk or plant-based milk alternatives for a botanical latte or mix into Food and yoghurt.

Why should I choose AquaSol Tea?

Aquasol is a new company with a big goal, sourcing the best quality herbs in the world, fair trading with skilled farmers who specialise in organic practices, maintaining the complexity and full integrity of the herb to create a truly revolutionary product. Aquasol hate waste too, so have packed their herbs in the best recyclable, responsible way that they can.