Emile Noel Organic Virgin Flax Oil 250ml

Emile Noel Organic Virgin Flax Oil 250ml

Emile Noel Organic Virgin Flax Oil 250ml

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Emile Noel Organic Virgin Flax Oil 250ml

In today's modern diet, Omega 3 fatty acids are not very abundant but yet their consumption is strongly recommended for good health. Adding Emile Noel Organic Virgin Flax Oil to your foods and salads ensures a rich source of Omega 3. Manufactured with a conscience and a passion that respects traditional craftsmanship, Emile Noel Organic Virgin Flax Oil from first cold pressing conserves the full nutritional value of Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamins to your daily diet.

  • 250ml.
  • Cold pressed.
  • A rich source of Omega 3.
  • With a great content of nutrients for good health.
  • No chemical fertilisers, synthetic pesticides & no GMO's.
  • Organic farming preserves the character & authentic taste of the oily fruit in this oil.
  • Rigorous selection & permanent monitoring guarantee the quality & typical flavour of this oil.

Natural and authentic Emile Noel Organic Virgin Flax Oil delivers the flavour and finesse of the Flaxseed from which it comes from. In other words, the traditional manufacturing processes that characterise Emile Noel Organic Virgin Flax Oil makes it possible to combine goodness and superb flavour in your favourite Food and cooked meals.

Why should I choose Emile Noel Organic Virgin Flax Oil?

At Emile Noel, everything possible is done to preserve the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the raw material. Emile Noel Organic Virgin Flax Oil is manufactured by mechanical processes, using first cold pressing or cold extraction, without any chemical treatment. The artisan manufacturing process used by the Emile Noel oil mill is traditional and age-old, using old screw presses, carefully maintained, to extract the oil slowly and gently. It takes from 2 to 14 kilos of raw material to produce one lire of oil, depending on the type of seed used.

Directions of Use

Emile Noel Organic Virgin Flax Oil is great for healthy dressings.


  • Do not use Emile Noel Organic Virgin Flax Oil for frying.
  • Keep away from heat before opening.
  • After opening, store Emile Noel Organic Virgin Flax Oil in the refrigerator for a maximum of 3 months.



100% Organic Virgin Flaxseed Oil, first cold pressing from France.

Nutritional Information:

Average nutritional analysis:

For 100 g


3700kJ / 900kcal


100 g

Of which saturated fatty acids

10 g

Of which monounsaturated fatty acids

22 g

Of which polyunsaturated fatty acids

68 g


0 g

Of which sugars

0 g


0 g


0 g

Contains 50g of Omega 3 per 100g.

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