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    Emile Noel - 100% Organic French Artisan Oils

    Émile Noël offers the widest range of organic vegetable oils on the market, which includes virgin cold pressed, flavored, toasted, combined-cocktails, cooking and frying Oils. Much more than just a name on an organic-oil label, Émile Noël are an independent family business leader in the organic cold-pressed virgin oil market who have been promoting the culinary diversity, flavours and nutritional benefits of organic virgin vegetable oils since 1966.

    How do Emile Noel process their range of oils?

    The artisan manufacturing process used by the Emile Noël oil mill is traditional and age-old, using old screw presses, carefully maintained, to extract the oil slowly and gently. This oil mill is the perfect partner of organic farming throughout the world, because it provides Emile Noël with organic oil Seeds and fruits from which they press their oils and ingredients to make their products.

    Where are Emile Noel Oil's made?

    Emile Noël is based in Pont-Saint-Esprit, a commune in the Gard département in southern France.

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