Biona Organic Ruby Beetroot Sauerkraut 350g

Biona Organic Ruby Beetroot Sauerkraut 350g

Biona Organic Ruby Beetroot Sauerkraut 350g

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Biona Organic Ruby Beetroot Sauerkraut 350g

Biona Organic Ruby Beetroot Sauerkraut has been made by combining carefully shredded cabbage and Beetroot.

  • 350g.
  • Organic.
  • Livens up all your favourite meals.
  • Contains carefully shredded cabbage & beetroot.

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Biona Organic Ruby Beetroot Sauerkraut will liven up all your favourite meals - pair with salads, hummus wraps, veggie burgers, grilled vegetables and more!

Is Biona Organic Ruby Beetroot Sauerkraut free from genetically modified ingredients?

Yes! Biona Organic Ruby Beetroot Sauerkraut has been made with GM free ingredients. This is the assurance you are getting when purchasing this certified organic food product, where by law it is prohibited to use GM ingredients in the production.

Why go organic?

The global industrialised food system is made up of a handful of ‘mega-corporations’ dictating food production and distribution. Swapping support to organic farming methods allows a shift of power, giving the consumer a voice in how money flows through the system. Much of the mass, non-organic farming methods used in today’s food production use an unnecessary amount of ‘preventative’ antibiotics (as opposed to a natural method of managing livestock such as healthy diet, clean housing and rotational grazing).

Organic produce, like Biona Organic Ruby Beetroot Sauerkraut, is as nature intended: fresh, vibrant and holding onto its vital nutrients. As an alternative agricultural system, organic farming is shown to be ‘more profitable and carries less risk of low returns’, This collaboration between humans and the environment maximises the natural properties of our planet, capitalising on the soil’s natural capacity for storing carbon. And by switching to organic, your 5-a-day counts for more goodness with recent studies showing ‘meaningful differences, with a range of antioxidants being “substantially higher” – between 19% and 69% – in organic food.’

Is Biona Organic Ruby Beetroot Sauerkraut gluten free?

Biona Organic Ruby Beetroot Sauerkraut is made with ingredients that do not contain gluten, but since Biona do not batch test it we cannot declare it as a Gluten Free food source.

Directions of Use

Serving Suggestion:

Falafel Buddha Bowl with Biona Beetroot Sauerkraut

  • Organic falafels.
  • 100g Cooked quinoa.
  • 2 Handfuls of kale.
  • Biona Organic Ruby Beetroot Sauerkraut.
  • Organic Lemon juice.
  • Organic Olive oil.
  • Seasame seeds.
  • Hummus.
  • Avocado.

Place the falafels into a frying pan over a medium heat with a small drizzle of Olive oil. Fry gently until piping hot. Massage the kale with the olive oil and Lemon juice until soft. Serve the falafels & kale with the cooked Quinoa, hummus, sliced avocado and lots of Biona Organic Ruby Beetroot Sauerkraut. Sprinkle everything with Sesame Seeds.



White Cabbage** (41%), Water, Sauerkraut Juice** (22%), Spirit Vinegar*, Beetroot Concentrate* (2%), Sea Salt, Onion Powder**, Black Pepper**.

**= Demeter.

* = Certified Organic Ingredients.

Nutritional Information:

Typical Values Per 100g
Energy 61kJ/15kcal
Fat 0.1g
of which saturates 0.0g
of which Mono-unsaturates  
of which Polyunsaturates  
of which Alpha Linolenic Acid  
of which Linoeic Acid  
Carbohydrates 1.8g
of which sugars 1.2g
Fibre 1.9g
Proteins 0.7g
Salt 1.78g
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