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What are lemons?

Lemons grow on a small species of evergreen tree (Rutaceae) and are a yellow fruit with a distinctive sour taste that act as a key ingredient in many Food stuffs, Drinks & Beverages. The lemon also has a slight bleaching property, pleasant smell and antibacterial function, which makes it a the perfectly pleasant ingredient in many cleaning, Beauty & Skincare products.

What is the health benefits of lemon?

According to the US Department of Agriculture, the juice of one lemon offers a rich source of Vitamin C (approx. 18.6 milligrams), alongside soluble fibre & electrolytes. The purported health benefits of lemons relate to Digestion & Gut Health and Slimming & Weight Loss.

Is drinking lemon everyday good for you?

When consumed within hot water lemon is thought to help cleanse the system as well as boost metabolism.

Does lemon improve mood?

It might do!  A study once carried out by the Ohio State University in the United States of America suggested that when used in aromatherapy, lemons may improve Low Mood & Esteem.

What can I use lemons for around the house?

A lemon cleaning product, like Method Lemon Ginger Squirt & Mop Hard Floor Cleaner 739ml, has a low pH, fresh smell, antibacterial properties and no harmful chemicals. This makes it the ideal natural cleaner to clean your floors with, without causing any damage to surrounding materials.