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Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds are the tiny edible black Seeds found in the flowering plant of the Salvia Hispanica, which is related to the Mint family. This plant grows natively in central and southern Mexico and has been a cherished Food source by the native Aztec tribes for centuries. Being a rich source of fibre, Calcium and protein, chia seeds may benefit  those on a Dairy Free diet or a strict Slimming & Weight Loss plan.

What is the best way to eat chia seeds?

You may wish to add dry chia seeds to smoothies, yoghurt, a salad or Juices & Concentrates. If decide to make chia seeds a part of your morning breakfast, by adding them to a "wetter" dish like Porridge, then you may notice that they begin to swell up.

What happens when you eat chia seeds everyday?

Chia seeds are known to be one of the more high-fibre foods around right now. With this in mind, chia seeds may aid Digestion by helping to maintain normal bowel movements and reduce Constipation.